Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sde Tzofim


The welfare of Charedi world in Israel is something that is of great concern to me. As I have said. I believe the Charedi world is the wave of the future. There are many issues that need correction that I have addressed numerous times. Some of the most important are the economic situation, the work ethic, the Shiddach scene, and having the appropriate attitude toward Baalei Teshuva. There is an organization that that I believe makes a difference and deals with all of these. It is called Sde Tzofim.

Sde Tzofim is a community of working Baalei Teshuva in Beitar. It was founded and is run under the guidance of the Amshinover rebbe and has enthusiastic endorsements of many Torah leaders. Sde Tzofim fills a void that is greatly lacking in the lives of many Baalei Teshuva, by providing a full community infrastructure and support system. Once a young secular Israeli joins this school he is never alone. The yeshiva helps him get married and provides appropriate job training - or helps set these young men up financially. After marriage there are Shiurim for both husband and wife and a full range of assistance programs.

They are having a pesach campaign. Most families there do not need public assistance during the year, but as we all know Pesach is a time of special need. For more information about this very worthy institution - Click here.