Monday, November 29, 2010

Sex Abuse in the Orthodox World

A little more than a month ago there was a meeting held in Chicago by the Jewish Board for Advocacy for Children dealing with sex abuse in the Orthodox world. By most measures it was deemed a success. There were many important speakers at the event including Rav Gedalia Schwartz Av Beis Din of both the CRC and the RCA’s Beth Din of America. Also there were victims of sex abuse who spoke of their experiences. But by all accounts the most electrifying moment of that event was the address given by Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik. He truly captures his father’s passion for doing the right thing. It is now available on video. R’ Moshe is Rav Ahron Soloveichik’s oldest son and a major Talmid Chacham in his own right. And I believe this is one of his finest moments. His father would be proud! Hat tip to UOJ where I first saw it.