Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Yated Ne'eman

I have been made aware of the following story in the Internet version of the Yated Ne’eman. It was written by the Editor-Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz Here is an excerpt:

“ During the past year the New York City's health commissioner, Dr.
Thomas Frieden, has engaged in an effort to undermine a sacred component of Mitzvas Milah. He and his department recently stepped up their activities in this regard and issued directives and advisories aimed at planting fear in the hearts and minds of parents who are about to bring their child into the holiest covenant in Judaism.
The threat is not only against metzitzah b'peh. It is a slanderous
And offensive diktat that undermines not only a specific element of
Bris Milah, but assaults the entire concept of Bris Milah itself...”

Don't you just love the use of the word "Diktat"? It gives the entire article the aura of an old European Rav speaking to his entire Kehila as though we were in an Eis Shmad... experiencing the worst of pogroms.

The Yated has been discredited even by Charedim. They do not pay any attention to it and neither should anyone else. No one should pay any attention to what they write except as an amusing form of entertainment. Such editorial "journalism" is nothing short of pure incitement against a government that has been nothing but kind and accepting and even loving to the Jewish people. No one has suggested legislation outlawing Bris Milah... Not a soul!

Metziztza BePeh (MBP) and Bris Milah are not the same thing at all. Altough a required procedure, MBP was explained in the Gemarah as a requirement specifically for the purpose of preventing Sakana and not a part of the actual Bris. Additionally most Poskim today do not require the mouth to be sucking the blood directly from the Makom Mila. A much safer method of using a pipette for sucking the blood is just as Halachicly valid. In fact some Poskim even allow gauze to draw out the blood.

For those who choose to do it the time honored way, let them. What is the harm if a public official argues that doing so can transfer dangerous infections from the Mohel to the child. Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz, by writing in the tone he does casts aspersions on sincere and Torah observant Jews who chose for their Mohelim not to suck directly buy mouth, and casts their children as near Arelim (uncircumcizeed).

Rabbi Lipschutz would do well to stop trying to sound like he is the
Gadol HaDor and keep his Shtusim to himself.