Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Are You Doing this Sunday?


I don’t make a habit of personally endorsing the products of my advertisers. Although I would never accept advertising that violates Halacha or contradicts my Hashkafos I do not demand that they clone my views. But thus far in almost every case I actually approve quite heartily of what has been advertised.

I was asked if I would do a personal endorsement of this 'product' and have decided to so because I truly think it's a great idea. These kinds of Shiurim usually are.

This coming Sunday, March 16, Web Yeshiva is having a day long series of Purim Shiurim. And it's a wonderful way to prepare for Purim. Especially since there is no charge. Let me repeat: It will run all day and is totally free.

This Yom Iyun for Purim features Rabbis Twersky, Brovender, Zuriel, Geller, Mrs. Saks, Mrs. Twersky, and more.

So go to their website, see the subjects, and register. You won't regret it!