Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thank God

There are no traces of cancer!

All of the tests performed on Reuven were negative.

This is great news, to say the least - in some ways better than expected. Doctors thought we might see non malignant dead cancerous tissue that remained post chemo but not to be concerned. But there was nothing there. He is cancer free.

Thank God.

And thanks to everyone who has prayed on Reuven’s behalf. God bless you all.

There is nothing for Reuven and his family to do except get on with their lives.

Update: My daughter wanted to add the following:

Our gradititude to Hashem knows no bounds, and we continue to daven that Reuven remains cancer free. Doctors will, BE"H, continue to keep a very close watch on him. Thanks to all who have kept Reuven in your hearts and who have been praying on his behalf.