Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Night to Remember

Last night at about 8:00 PM I experienced a moment of true joy. It was a unique event in my lifetime, one that I have never experienced before. My daughter, Tova, Chaya and son in law Neil became the proud parents of twin boys. And just a few hours later my nephew and niece, Dovie and Danya, became the proud parents of a newborn baby boy.

This is a very unique experience for my family for many reasons. Both sets of parents have one thing in common that separates them from the crowd. Aside from the fact that they are first cousins - both became new parents at the same time, gave birth at the same time, will have a Shalom Zachor at the same time, and B’Shah Tova will have a Bris at the same time. And perhaps most uniquely and significantly both sets of parents have a child afflicted with cancer.

Three new children have been brought into the world by these two families. The number three signifies a Chazaka in Jewish law. When an event occurs three times it establishes a pattern that creates a Halachic change in status. I have been told that for every event that occurs here on earth there is a corresponding change in heaven as well.

May it be God’s will that this event that happened in ‘threes’ to our two families - that have shared in personal trials and tribulations… be a Siman - a sign from Heaven that their Mazel has truly undergone a cosmic change for the good that will rid them of their suffering and the sickness that befell their two children. May it signify a Refuah Shelamah for them and for all the sick of Klal Yisroel.