Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Lonely Position on Jerusalem

Im Eshkachech YerushalayimTishkach Yimini!

I am so tired of the ‘world’ telling me that Jerusalem is not my home and is up for grabs. That’s what this AP ‘editorial’ says. Israel has every right to claim ‘East’ Jerusalem as its eternal capital. That Palestinians contest it is their business. That the ‘world’ sides with them on this issue just mean they are wrong.

Do we judge truth only by what ‘the world’ thinks? Whether Israel should allow construction there as part of the ‘settlement freeze’ is a separate issue. But how on earth can anyone with any sense of history – Jewish or otherwise - say that the Jewish people have no special claim or right to live in Jerusalem and call it their capital?! …especially if they respect the bible?

That said I agree with the fact that there are certain people that have contributed to this attitude by stirring up resentment via their actions asserting themselves into Arab neighborhoods in the old city - as the end of this editorial points out. But that doesn’t justify the view that Jerusalem isn’t ours. And I don’t care if it is a lonely position.

The article is here. It can also be read here… and Yes. It makes me angry. (And I am a ‘land for peace’ guy!)