Friday, December 03, 2010

A Prayer for Our People

As a massive fire in Israel rages on... tragically 40 people have already perished. My heart goes out to their families. They died trying to save the lives of others. I pray that there are no more deaths and no more injuries. The following prayer was forwarded to me.

Father God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we call upon You to intervene on behalf of Your people, Israel. We humbly ask that You comfort those that mourn for their precious loved ones who are injured or have lost their lives in the midst of the raging fires.

It is You Lord God who sends help to those in distress; deliver Your Chosen from the path of the consuming blaze and lead them to complete safety. We ask that You place Your supernatural protection over those who have put their lives in danger to bring this raging fire that has come against Israel to an end.

Lord God of Israel we call upon You to protect Your land which You have given to Your people as their inheritance. It is You who controls the sun and the stars, the wind and the rain; we call upon You to bring the wind to a standstill so that this intense fire will not increase and ask You to quench its flames with Your miraculous rain just as You did for Elijah.

May the enemies of Israel be kept powerless by Your mighty hand while she is in a time of trouble for You are her Rock and her Fortress and You dwell in her palaces; Your presence surrounds Israel like a shield.

We give You thanks with grateful hearts for the miracles that You will perform on behalf of the Jewish people and the land of Israel for You are her refuge and her strength and a very present help in trouble. Amen

Pastor John Hagee
National Chairman
Christians United for Israel