Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rape and the Obsession with Tznius

Do members of a Tznius Vaad tend to be sexual perverts? If your name is Nechemya Weberman the answer appears to be yes. If you live in Williamsburg – home of Satmar - denial continues to be the order of the day. And molesters continue to flourish because of it. Even though attitudes are beginning to change even in Charedi circles - the world of Chasidim lags far behind and nowhere is denial greater than in a place like Williamsburg.

But at least residents in Williamsburg will have one less rapist to worry about. The New York Post reports that Rabbi Weberman was arrested and charged yesterday with repeatedly molesting and raping a 12-year-old girl (she is now 16) over a three year period (2007 – 2010). And like every child molester before him he claims complete innocence.

According to blogger Yerachmiel Lopin, Rabbi Weberman is one of the most active members of the Williamsburg Vaad HaTznius. This Vaad is of the same type that got VIN banned and harassed people who tried to advertise with them or defend them, including me.

I have said it before. The obsession with Tznius is the signature of the perverse sexual nature of these Vaad members. And now we have one with enough evidence to be arrested. On one day he rails against sexual immorality and on the next day he rapes innocent young girls. After which he continues to rail against it.

The story in the Post tells us that he councils troubled families. I guess the best way to drum up business is by raping a young girl. I’m sure her family is very troubled now.

Almost exactly three years ago, Rabbi Yakov Horowitz was interviewed by blogger Rafi Goldmeier, former Chicagoan and current resident of Ramat Bet Shemesh. Here is an excerpt from that interview that has proven to be very prescient:

Rabbi Horowitz said that anybody who is violently forcing his chumrohs on others, and especially those who are physically assaulting women are prime candidates for being sexual predators, pedophiles and wife beaters. He repeatedly told us that over the course of time, it will become evident to all that a disproportionately high percentage of these thugs are not only abusing the women on the buses, but are committing far worse on those close to them. He said that, in his view, these people have a distorted and perverse obsession with women and sexual matters…