Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Depth Talmud

Rabbi Meyer Maryles
Just a reminder. For those who are learning Daf Yomi and are interested in a little more depth, my son, Rabbi Meyer Maryles is currently giving Shiurim on the 12th Perek of Shabbos, HaBoneh. These are the laws pertaining to the forbidden act of building on Shabbos. This is where the Daf Yomi cycle is holding.

His Shiurim can be found at Shas Illuminated which has the Haskama of Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky. This is a site I visit almost every day – even when it isn’t my son giving the Shiurim. I find it very enlightening, although some Maggidei Shiur are better than others.  My son is one of the better ones - having been well educated through college and able to express himself in something other than “Yeshivish”.

All the Magidei Shiur are good.  But it will be easy for the listener to hear which ones have had a better secular education making them more understandable.