Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Chanukah

Chanukah 2014 at the White HouseU
Updated - 12/21/14 (Click on the link embedded below in the word 'news'.)

I don't know how people can say that President Barack Obama is in any way anti Semitic or even anti Israel after viewing the Chanukah party that took place in the White House just a couple of days ago. In fact just today there is news of the President signing into law The 2014 United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act which strengthens the strategic ties between the two countries. If this is anti Israel, I'll take it.

One can disagree with his politics and policies. One can even claim that his Presidency has been a failure. (I do not.) Or that his policies have been a disaster. (I do not.) But there is not a doubt in my mind that this man is a friend of the Jewish people.

This is not the first time the President has hosted a clearly Jewish event at the White House. Nor is it the only Jewish Holiday he participated in. But this is the first one where there is tangible proof that he has worked quietly, diligently and successfully on our behalf.

Not because he wanted to win favor in our eyes. He doesn't really need our favor. But because he actually believes in what he did. And had his administration working on it until they achieved success.

I am of course referring to obtaining the release of Alan Gross, an observant Jew from captivity, And just in time for Chanukah no less. The President spoke of it in his remarks at this party calling it Pidyon Shevuyim. Rightfully so. Mr. Gross was unjustly imprisoned by Cuba and it was indeed a Mitzvah to do whatever we could to get him released. That is exactly what the President did. I salute the President and want to express my personal gratitude for this and for being a friend to the Jewish people. I defy anyone to view the video below and not be inspired.

Happy Chanukah