Monday, November 30, 2015

Israel Is Not the Enemy

Stop hating us! Stop lying about us! Stop killing us! This is my message to the Palestinian people - and to all Muslims and Arabs if they really want peace. 

One thing needs to be made perfectly clear. The current violence against innocent people in Israel has long ago passed the point of being a response to the events that I and many others believe precipitated it. The haters among them have found a way to kill us in a consistent and steady daily flow. They have succeeded in instilling morbid fear into us. It is virtually impossible to walk out of your house in Israel without the fear of being violently attacked to the point of serious injury or even death. 

As I have said countless times - the attackers have been indoctrinated with over a century of Jew hatred. A hatred based on the view that Jews do not have a right to a country in Palestine (which is how they think of Israel.) To them we are evil infidels of the worst kind – Jews. Jews that have forced their way into their homeland and displaced indigenous residents. 

They opine, what right did we have to do that to them? Palestine is their land?! They have been there for centuries, long before Jewish imperialists calling themselves Zionists came into the land claiming false historical rights. And using their money to buy up land in Palestine from absentee Arab owners who couldn’t care less for their Palestinian brothers. Palestinians that have lived on that land for centuries. Suddenly they were kicked out by Jews with new deeds claiming ownership.

Every Muslim knows that Palestine belongs to the descendants of Ishmael. This is what it says in the Koran. The Biblical claim that Israel was promised to Isaac? Lies! - Jews distorting the truth in their bible. 

Every child is taught that Jews are blood thirsty devils out to rule the world starting with the usurpation of Palestine. How do they know? Just read the protocols of the Elders of Zion for the truth!  Arabs are thus taught to despise the international Jew with designs to take over the world. They are weaned on this kind of thinking. They are indoctrinated to see Jews the way Hitler saw us. Which the reason Mein Kampf is such a big seller in Middle Eastern countries, Even in relatively friendly ones like Egypt – with whom Israel has diplomatic relations.  

Cartoons that Muslim children watch depict Jews as monsters. This is the kind of propaganda that permeats the culture.Childre are taught to hate Jew practically from the womb.  Is there any real wonder why young Arabs are jumping out of the woodwork with knives and stabbing innocent Jews? For them, there ARE no innocent Jews. In Iran Israel is considered worse than ISIS. 

To illustrate just how matter of fact all of this is, an 11 year old Palestinian boy recently attacked some Jews with a knife. After he was apprehended his response was that he just wanted to go back to playing with his friends. As though he didn’t really do anything all that wrong and didn’t understand what all the fuss was about!

These are the real reasons they want to kill us. It is the reason that the Mufti of Jerusalem supported Hitler’s decision to exterminate the Jews. He viewed it as the best way to prevent us from the outrage of taking Palestine away from the Arabs – the legitimate owners dating back to biblical times.

But perhaps things might be changing a bit in the Arab world. Editorials by formerly implacable Arab enemies are beginning to sing a different tune. An editorial in a Saudi publication actually urged the President to listen to Prime Mister Netanyahu during the debate over the Iran Nuclear deal. And just last week Israel announced that  they are setting up a diplomatic level mission in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. 

All this is a reaction to ISIS. They are beginning to see Israel in more practical terms rather than ideological terms.  Israel has never had any designs to take over Arab countries and turn them into versions of their religion. It is ISIS that is trying to do that.

This is all well and good. But the violent attacks in Israel are ongoing. And they will no doubt continue as long as they see how successful they are in their ultimate goal of destroying the Jews and retaking Palestine. This is all based on centuries of  teaching  hatred of the Jew. And it has to be untaught. 

It is time for the Arab Nations to see what Abu Dhabi sees – that Israel is not the enemy. This should be the new educational paradigm for the Arab peoples. In the homes, in the schools, in the mosques, and in the culture. 

They must stop selling ‘The Protocols’ as truth and label it the lie that it is. They must stop children’s programming that depict Jewish cartoon characters as monsters. They must stop adult TV productions that do the same, and replace it all with the truth – that Israel is not the enemy; that if you stop killing us, we just may be able to have a true peace between the nations of the Middle East. A warm peace of international trade and cooperation that will produce prosperity for the entire region. Won’t that be better than what we have now?