Monday, December 14, 2015

Esther Bas Aryeh Leib Perlman, ZL

Due to the untimely death of a dear family friend, whose funeral took place today, there will be no new post today.

Esther Perlman had a good heart. 'The Torah of kindness (was) on her tongue'. She was a true woman of valor. A woman like the one the author of Proverbs must have had in mind when he wrote those words. She quietly performed many unheralded acts of Chesed to countless numbers of people, never wanting any credit, never thinking of herself.

She exemplified the Mishna's dictum describing someone who is truly rich as being Sameach B'Chelko - happy with what one has. A selfless doer of good rarely considering her own needs; always putting others first. I knew Esther ever since I met my wife over 46 years ago. She and Esther were classmates and good friends throughout high school.

Very few people knew about her illness. She did not want to burden people with that knowledge. At 65, she died too young, succumbing to cancer. All those who knew her were shocked at her sudden, unexpected and untimely death, including her own family.

May we remember Esther Bas Aryeh Leib for blessing; and may God comfort her husband, children, brothers and sister among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.