Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Senator Loses - Big Time!

Senator Silverstein voted at his polling place: Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois (Trib)
Illinois State Senator Ira Silverstein lost the primary election last night. He was trounced in a four way race by the politically liberal former union lobbyist, Ram Villivalam with 52% of the vote. Silverstein came in a distant 2nd with 29%.

At this point I want to thank the senator for 20 years of devoted and effective service to - not only his fellow Orthodox Jewish constituents but to all of his constituents which included one of the most diverse population centers in Chicago.

As the senator said to his supporters last night, it wasn't in the cards. It was God's plan. Not his.

The reasons for his loss can be blamed on only one person: the senator himself. He embarrassed himself and his religious community by doing something that is counter to the values of the Torah. While it did not rise to the level of sexual harassment, it was still unbecoming - not only to his office, but to his standing as an Orthodox Jew. I am sure that he very much regrets his actions, not only because his behavior was exposed and lost his Illinois state senate seat, but because I believe he realizes how wrong he was in what he did.

Ram Villivalam (Twitter)
I believe in Teshuva. He has apologized to the woman he badgered and has sought counseling. He is essentially a good man that made a big mistake. One that I am convinced he will never repeat. I'm sure he has learned a great deal from that experience and was humbled by it. I wish him well in all his future endeavors.

Although I doubt he will see this, I want to extend my congratulations to Ram Villivalam. He will surely win the general election come November in this highly liberal democratic district. I’m not even sure the Republicans will run a candidate. I don’t really know anything about this Asian American of Indian descent. But I have not heard anything negative about him. From what I have read - he seems like a good man. I believe he will work with the Orthodox Jewish community - one of his major constituencies - as have other elected officials. It is with that in mind that I wish him great success in office.