Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Next President of Israel

Is the next president of Israel going to be a Shomer Shabbos Jew? And not only Shomer Shabbos but a respected Rav, a Mechaber Seforim and an individual who is respected by almost all streams of Orthodoxy. This is what Ha’aretz is reporting. But what is even more interesting is the person promoting it. It is none other than the current Prime Minster, Ehud Olmert. That’s right, the very same Olmert who many people consider a self serving, anti-Torah, re-incarnation of the Ehud Barak.

To those who constantly curse Omlert as being anti-Torah, doesn’t this show exactly the opposite? I think it does. He may not be Frum himself, but he certainly isn’t anti-Frum, if he wants Rav Lau to be the titular head of the state. Personally I think such a move would be a big Kiddush HaShem.