Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jesus …in the Machzor of Rosh Hashanah

Jesus... in the Machzor?!


A friend of mine pointed out a very interesting Yehi Ratzon. It is the one right after the first set of Tekiyos Shofar that we do NOT say because of its dubious origin and the Hefsek in Tekiyos that most Poskim consider it to be.

I’ll say it’s dubious!!!

There is a reference there to Jesus! The phrase (in Hebrew) is: May it be the will of HaShem that the Tekiyos be accepted by Him… “Just as He accepted (the Prayers of) Eliyahu for a rememberance to good and through the ministering angel… Yeshua!) There is no angel, Yeshua.

Yeshua is Jesus.

The oldest version I found it in is the standard Machzor Kol Bo, (Hebrew Publishing Co.) that our parents and grandparents used (with the Beis Yisroel Yiddish Teitch, probably dating back to the 1920s or earlier). It is also in the Kol Bo Rav Pnimim (Zigelheim 1951), the Oahr Chudush (1978), The Machzor Rabbah (Eshkol), The Adler English translation (circa 1930s). And it is in the Artscroll In the Ashkenaz version it is on page 436 which has the Hebrew (Yud Shin Vav Ayin) and English translation: Yeshua!

At some point Artscroll must have noticed it and in later translations they have quietly omitted that word. But it is amazing that it was retained for so many years… generations really… without ever being noticed.

I wonder when... and how it crept into the liturgy.