Friday, October 20, 2006

One Picture…

Wolrd’s Most Pointless Family Photo

There are two photos I received via e-mail which illustrate better than words what extremism can lead too. This one is a very funny photo of a Muslim man taking a family photo of his wife and daugfhters. I thought it would be interesting as well as entertaining to show just how a slippery slope might lead the current fascination of both the right and the left with taking Halacha to either of its extremes. The arguments made by both constituencies are very solid.

The over focus on Tznius by the right will argue that there is absolutely every reason to be as Tznius as possible. And since the reason for women to observe modesty in dress is because of the natural tendency in men to be aroused by women who are not dressed Tznius.

Why not therefore just mandate that women dress as Tznius as possible and incorpaorte the standard of dress of the most stringent group of Torah Jews so as to avoid any possibility for Michshol? Some people who are so sheltered from the outside world that all but the most austere form of dress would stimulate Hirhurim? By mandating the most severe form of Tznius on all women everyone will be protected from Hirhur.

What should the standard be? Meah Shearim comes to mind: No Shaitels allowed…. Bullet proof stockings with seams… and very loose fitting and un-colorful clothes that cover a woman neck to toe. Hair either shaved or at least totally covered with a Teichel type head covering or some sort of turban type wera not a single hair will show.

What about a very attractive face? I know that Chazal did not consider a woman’s face to be a problem, but they did consider her etzba Ketana a problem… and look what kind of world we live in today! It would behoove us to look at our devout Muslim cousins and take an example from how their women of modesty dress.