Friday, October 13, 2006

Yissachar Zevulun

Simchas Torah is the time of year we complete the yearly cycle of reading the parshas Hashavua. The final Parsha is V’Zos HaBracha. We of course rejoice greatly upon this achievement reflecting both the joy of completeion and joy of new beginnings, as we return to begin once again the yearly cycle of reading a weekly Parsha by reading the opening portion of Parshas Breishis.

There is a phrase in the Parsha we read on Simchas Torah, V’Zos HaBracha, which states: “Smach Zevulun B’Tzeischa V’Yissachar B’Ohalecha” Rejoice Zevulun in your going out and Yissachar in your tents. (33:18)

This has long been used to reflect the Yissachar Zrvulun relationship between those who learn Torah and those who support Torah… both having an equal Chelek (portion) in the reward for learning Torah.

The Beis HaLevi has an interesting take on these words. One of the Halachos of Brachos is that if one is at a Seudah at a wedding and then leaves the table to greet the Chasan, upon his return to the table he has to repeat the Bracha on the food. This is because it is considered a Hesech HaDaas (a mental interruption in the meal). And a Hesech HaDaas requires a new Bracha. But if there are people still remaining at the table when one leaves to greet the Chasan, then no new Bracha is required. Because when one returns, he returns to the original Kvius (pre-existing condition) and there is therefore no Hesech HaDaas since he was there before and is part of that Chabura... and therefore re-esatblishing the pre-existing condition.

The same is true by the Yissahar Zevulun relationship. Since at one time they were all learning and now Zevulun takes leave, the fact is, part of the Chabura remains. When he returns to learn he is returning to that same Kvius that he was a part of and there is therefore no Hesech Hadas for Zevulun either. Going out to do business is then no Hesech HaDaas at all if one is doing business to support and strengthen the hand of those who are learning Torah. And this is what the Pasuk means when it says “Rejoice Zevulun in your going out”. Why do they rejoice? Because Yissachar is still in the tent and as such since they still “remain at the table” of learning Torah… then Zevulun’s “going out” is not considered a Hesech HaDaas.

My Bracha to all is that we do not have a Hesech HaDaas to Torah, and that we and all our families have a healthy and prosperous 5767.