Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Moral Idiocy

Is it possible to be a sincerely religious, God fearing individual who has strong moral values and yet be a moral idiot? I wouldn’t have thought so except for the fact that there is one such very prominent individual: Former President Jimmy Carter.

I watched this interview on PBS yesterday in total disbelief and utter disgust! I can’t believe I voted for this man. Once. Which was one time too many. He will go down as perhaps the absolute worst President in American history. And that’s saying a lot because there were some real bad ones.

This President is a “born again” Christian, in effect a Baal Teshuva. He is a true believer, a man of God, who taught Sunday school while he was President, if I recall correctly. He is a man guided by religious values and as such has led an exemplary life, never having strayed from the straight and narrow. Yet his postion on the State of Israel is a lesson in complete idiocy. It is reprehensible, morally bankrupt and completely one sided when it comes to the State of Israel. He in effect blames Israel for all that’s wrong in the Middle East. Yet, he virtually praises Hamas in the same breath. He considers Israel to be an oppressive occupier of the Palestinian people and actually believes that if Israel just withdraws from all the territiory it captured during the six day war, all will be well with the world. Peace on earth… good will towards men!

As I said, President Carter is not an immoral person. He is not evil. He actually believes all of this stuff. How(!) … can a intelligent an moral individual be so blind? How can he just wave off daily and indiscrimate rocket attacks that can hit any civilian? How can he not talk of the devastating history of suicide bombers most of which, have historically come from Hamas? How can he not acknowledge all the Islamist rhetoric that calls for the annihilation of the Jewish people (no more distinctions are being made between Zionists and Jews. Muslim clerics just preach directly against “The Jews”) that has been preached continuously for over a century…since the Balfour declaration?

There’s more. Here are some other nuggets: His new book title: Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid." Meaning Israel practices institutional racism (protestations to the contrary by Mr. Carter not withstanding). Israel wishes to “acquire, to occupy, to confiscate, and then to colonize Palestinian land.” “…the whole system is designed to separate through a ferocious system by Israelis who live on Palestine territory.”

And this one really gets to me:

“The fact is that, when the Palestinians dug under the Israeli wall from Gaza and captured the Israeli soldier, one soldier, at that time, Israel was holding 9,200 Palestinians prisoner, including 300 children, almost 300, 293 children, some of them 12 years old, and holding almost 100 women prisoner.” Israel arrests criminals who have endangered innocent lives (yes, some were women and children) and he compares that to the kidnapping of a soldier doing his duty and not harming anyone. This kind of moral equivalency is ridiculous.

More from the former President on Hamas: “Hamas did win a victory. They won 42 percent of the vote. It was an open, free, fair, safe election, as certified by the Carter Center. And so, as a result of that, all financial aid to the entire population of Palestine was cut off just because they expressed their will in a free vote. And as a matter of fact, Hamas, whom everyone criticizes -- the fact is that Hamas, since August of 2004, has not committed a single act of terrorism that cost an Israeli life, not a single one.”

And what about Hamas's refusal to recognize Israel? Mr. Carter totally ignores the question and starts talking about the PLO. Here are more pearls of wisdom:

“The day after the election, I went and met with Mahmoud Abbas, who is the leader of the Palestinians. He's their president. He's the head of the PLO, which is the only organization, by the way, that the United States or Israel recognizes, the PLO, in which there's not a single Hamas member. Hamas has nothing to do with the PLO.”

President Carter: “And after I met with Abbas to talk about a unity government, which he rejected, then I met with a Hamas leader. He's a medical doctor who was elected. He's now in prison, by the way.”

Nebech. Poor baby! He has more sympathy for an individual who would slaughter any number of innocent people than he does for the innocent victims, murdered, crippled, blinded, widowed, and orphaned by this doctor’s organization.

So there you have it. A man who sincerely holds these views and has a sense of moral outrage about it. …and has no clue about the real source of the problerm: a rabid Islamist hatred for Jews preached for over a century which has bred many generations of Arab Jew hatred.

What a fool. What an idiot!