Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Modern Day Pinchas

What a good idea the Vaad HaTzanius is. That is the Hebrew term used for the modesty police. This is a group that was formed because they saw violations of the their interpretations of the modesty laws in the Torah by the women who either live in- or enter their community uninvited.

They spend their valuable time diligently patrolling Jerusalem neighborhoods and when they spot a violator - they zap them good! These are our modern day Pinchases. They are the true Kanaim of our day - the ones who fulfil the Torah’s mandate of Kannaim Pogim Bo. – the requirement to act decisively and without hesitation when they see serious violations of laws pertaining to modesty in sexual matters. Whether through action or in manner of dress.

I was at first very opposed to it because of the fear that the over-chumraization would spread to rest of the Torah world. But after I see their latest piece of zealotry, I take it all back. I’m now proud of them.

What greater Kiddush HaShem can there be than a group of Charedim beating up a young woman for being in the company of some married men? This is what happened recently in Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood. The Tznius patrol stood up and they made a difference. Such violations will not stand. How wonderful are your ways O Lord. Kannaim Pogim Bo. And it is no longer contained in just the Meah Shearim section. The laws of Tznius prevail.

Can anyone imagine the Chutzpah of this woman?! She was asked nicely to get out! … to move out of the community. After all, the neighbors were complaining!

But… Nooooo! She would not listen to their gentle requests. Thankfully the men of the Vaad Hatznius did not take this lightly. Two of them attacked her and a third allegedly broke into her home and stole her cell-phones.

Good for them. I’m sure they purposely left their fingerprints all over her house so that there would be no doubt about who did this - and why. They wanted to make sure the entire world would know about the Kiddush Hashem they were making there.

It kind of surprises me, therefore that the Elhanan Buzaglo who was arrested for this ‘crime’ denies any connection with this holy group. He should be proud of their Pinchas like actions. Perhaps he is just being modest. He joins other Pinchases who have also stood up to be counted.

Just last June a 14 year old girl in Beitar ha acid spilled on her miserable face by a member of the Vaad HaTznius there for a Tznius violation. Who did she think she was prancing around the holy town of Beitar like that?!

And then there were the Pinchases who beat up Mrs. Miriam Shear for her Tznius violation of sitting in the makeshift men’s section of a nearly empty non Mehadrin bus. What was she thinking? Thank goodness there are men in the world who will stand up and be counted to beat up a woman who had the audacity to do this.

If the members of the Vaad who created this most recent Kiddush HaShem are convicted of a crime, it is our duty to riot in the streets of Jerusalem and burn as many dumpsters as we can. God demands nothing less of His people. We have to teach the people Kavod HaTorah.

So yes… I’ve come around. These are my new role models. Modern day Pinchases all.

Let the Jewish women of the world beware. There are men out there who will beat you to a pulp if you do not tow their line. If you are seen in the company of a married man be prepared to end up in a hospital. And if your thinking about coming into the any of the holy neighborhoods of Jerusalem and its environs dressed in a brightly colored blouse – remember - there are people with bleach spray cans.