Monday, November 10, 2008

Correction from Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

I received the following communication from Rabbi Yakov Horowitz. Since the last post was based almost entirely on Rabbi Horowitz's article in Mishpacha I post it here as a separate post rather than bury it somewhere deep in the comment section.

Professor Marc Shapiro is absolutely correct. It was my error in submitting the wrong version of the essay to mishpacha, -- the same one that you read.

I meant to submit the final text -- which reads:

"The indisputable fact that virtually all fervently observant Jews in Hungary/Rumania were fluent in their native language is an important one to reflect upon."

'My bad,' as the kids say. The correct version will be posted on my website, and I assume that I will be eating several helpings of humble pie in Mishpacha next week responding to the inevitable letters to the editor correcting me.

BTW; I find it most ironic that (Hungarian) chassidim in America are among those who reject English the most -- while their very own grandparents embraced Hungarian. And if you look at stationery from Reb Yoel, the Satmer Rebbi z'tl, it said "Joel" as in Hungary it was common to have secular names.