Thursday, April 23, 2009

Neturei Karta

Neturei Karta is abhorrent to me. That said they have every right to hold their views. Truthfully their ideology is no different than that of Satmar when it comes to the State of Israel. They see the Satmar Rebbe as their ideological head and if I understand correctly they are just a break away portion of them.

I even understand their reasons for having their ideology and respect those reasons. This may sound contradictory but it’s not. One can respect an ideology and abhor how it is implemented. Which separates them from Satmar.

I am extremely opposed to their vehement rejection of the State of Israel - and their advocacy for dismantling it. But I understand and respect the Torah basis for their views - much as I respect the Religious Zionist theological views about the State. They are polar opposite and I respect them both. And disagree with them both.

I do not wish to get into the details about theology here. I want to focus on how Neturei Karta implements their ideology. For me - that goes beyond abhorrence. Their actions so outrage me that I want to literally vomit every time I read about them. Which seems to be happening more frequently lately.

Yesterday a friend e-mailed me the VIN story (from Ynet) about a Neturei Karta protest against the moment of silence on Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is the day once a year when the entire country stops while sirens go off in memory of its victims.

It is not that Neturei Karta doesn’t have the right to protest. They do. But having the legal right to do something does not necessarily make it morally right. There are many besides Neturei Karta that in fact feel that Holocaust Remembrance Day is inappropriate for various legitimate reasons. But they understand that protesting it – especially in that exact moment is wrong – very wrong!

Yesterday during that moment of silence these people decided to dishonor the memory of six million Jewish victims, survivors, and their children by not only not standing in silence - but marching with placards denouncing it at that very moment!

Neturei Karta takes pride in this. They do not even think - or care - about whom they are hurting. Their excuse? It’s forbidden to mourn during the month of Nissan. Besides - as the Satmar Rebbe said - Zionism caused the Holocaust!

These people are from the same Neturei Karta who’s people who support Holocaust denying Iranian President Ahmadinejad and sat next to him in Geneva a few days ago during a press conference.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Neturei Karta wants to wipe Israel off the map too.

We are not talking about secular self hating Jews here. We are talking about very religious Jews who go to great lengths to follow Halacha in the minutest of detail and have adopted a very austere religious lifestyle. The members of Neturei Karta are about as religious as they come. And yet they do things that make Holocaust deniers proud!

My e-mailing friend made the following comment:

While I strongly disapprove of the NK's ideology and tactics, why are they any worse than the Israeli LW who basically say the same things they do?

I don’t know that I agree with that statement. But even if it’s true - the response is simple. Religious Jews ought to know better. A lot better!

Neturei Karta’s existence is an insult and embarrassment to every Jew alive today - and our ancestors! Every one of them is a walking, talking Chilul HaShem.

These people should be shunned. They should be boycotted at all levels. Their children should not be accepted into any of our schools. Their businesses should not be patronized. We should not Daven in their Shuls and they should not be given any Aliyos in our Shuls - or other Kibbudim. Their food should not be eaten and Hechsherim not be trusted. We should not be engaged with them in any way and avoid any encounter with them.

That Neturei Karta is not put into Cherem by every religious leader of any Hashkafa is wonderment to me.