Sunday, February 14, 2010

Getting Results

Yes friends if you want to know how to get results, just call on your friendly neighborhood knights in shining armor - the Men of a Hundred Gates (Meah Shearim).

Last week the body of a woman who was thought to die from a drug overdose was snatched by Charedi youth from a Jerusalem hospital - for fear an autopsy would be done. The valiant men of Meah Shearim knew immediately what to do. From Ha’aretz

The Haredim had attacked the policemen guarding the corpse, damaged a police car and then left with the body.

As we all know by now this is the best way to get results. Indeed these valiant knights in shining armor got the job done. Mission accomplished.

Of course the enemy ‘storm trooper’ police were not going to take this lying down. In their unbridled insolence - they had the unmitigated gall to arrest a Charedi man who took part in the violence. They even went so far as to get the collaborationist courts of the evil empire (Israel) to order it.

So the young Charedi knights of Meah Shearim pulled out their ‘mighty swords’ and sprang into action again in their inimitable and noble ways. Again from Ha’aretz:

Haredi youths reportedly hurled stones at buses driving along the capital's Shivtei Yisrael and Yekhezkel streets, as well as setting fire to municipal garbage bins.

Ahhhh! Geshmak! I can just imagine their mighty battle cry: “God is great!” These guys may be insular but they are God's army. Civilized behavior? Feh! Goyishe values.

Did someone say something about Chilul HaShem? Nah!

Makes one proud to be a religious Jew.