Monday, February 08, 2010

Reb Shlomo

Alan Veingrad is the subject of a fascinating article that appeared in the New York Times. He is a former NFL football player. In 1986 he became a starting offensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers (see photo) - and later went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys who won the 1992 Super Bowl. As a member of that team he received a Super Bowl ring which he now wears proudly.

What’s the big deal? Well, aside from occupying the rarefied air of Super Bowl Champions he is also a Frum Jew with a long beard. After his playing days were over - he became a Baal Teshuva, now lives in Florida and is a member of the Chabad community there.

I had the privilege of hearing him speak a few years ago at an HTC Melave Malka. His story was quite inspiring. Not only in how he became a member of the NFL – but for why and how he became Frum and how he leads his life now. Rather than repeat that story from my memory -which is a bit fuzzy - I present the video below that has been circulating the internet.

This says a lot about Reb Shlomo (Alan's Hebrew name). He is a walking Kiddush HaShem. But what stood out for me was the reaction of honest respect for what he did by the sports commentators. Does that not speak volumes about the American people?