Tuesday, March 02, 2010

An Arab Hero

One of the ironies of the 21st century is the fact that the theology of Islam is less problematic for Jews than the theology of Christianity. The idea of a trinity in Christianity is a step removed from the Jewish concept of monotheism. Islam has no such concept. It is a further irony that the percentage religiously observant Muslims is far greater than the percentage of religiously observant Jews.

And yet no one will deny that fact that Muslims are a far greater threat to Israel’s existence than Christians. Nor can anyone deny that the hatred of Jews is exponentially greater by Muslims than it is by Christians. Not only that but Evangelical Christians are bigger supporters of Israel than are many Jews. And since Vatican II Catholics have done ‘a 180’ and rejected anti Semitism. They have additionally taken responsibility for much of the torment the Jews have suffered over the two millennia of its existence.

There are no greater Jew haters than Hamas. They are responsible for a tremendous number of innocent Israelis dying via terrorism, whether suicide bombers or rockets fired from Gaza or any other method of murder available to them. I don’t think any Muslim can lay claim to more hatred of Israel and the Jewish people than they do.

Which makes what Mosab Hassan Yousef (pictured) did even more amazing. This Arab is truly one of the Chasidiei Umos haOlam - a hero of the Jewish people.

Mr. Yousef is the son of one of Hamas senior officials. It was revealed this week that he has been working undercover for Israel’s security service the Shin Bet providing intelligence on Hamas. From Ha’artez:

The intelligence he supplied Israel led to the exposure of a number of terrorist cells, and to the prevention of dozens of suicide bombings and assassination attempts on Israeli figures.

He was recruited by Israel who somehow convinced him to infiltrate the Hamas hierarchy. He did and ended up being Shin Bet’s most reliable source.

I would surmise that his journey towards 'justice and right' probably began around the time of his conversion to Christianity. Instead of simply renouncing Hamas errant ways and walking away – he was convinced by Israeli agents to help save Israeli lives.

He then dove head first into a dangerous mission successfully infiltrating the ‘upper echelon of Hamas’. He was successful and saved hundreds of people from certain death or permanent injury by Hamas terrorists. For this ‘cardinal sin’ and his conversion to Christianity his father disowned him. The father said though he was sorry to take such, he had no choice after his son "disbelieved in God...and collaborated with our enemies."

What kind of a man is Mosab Hassan Yousef? This kind:

"I wish I were in Gaza now," Yousef said by phone from California, "I would put on an army uniform and join Israel's special forces in order to liberate Gilad Shalit. If I were there, I could help. We wasted so many years with investigations and arrests to capture the very terrorists that they now want to release in return for Shalit. That must not be done."

"So many people owe him their life and don't even know it," said the handler, named in Yousef's book as Captain Loai. "People who did a lot less were awarded the Israel Security Prize. He certainly deserves it." Loai makes no secret of his admiration for his former source. "The amazing thing is that none of his actions were done for money," he says. "He did things he believed in. He wanted to save lives. His grasp of intelligence matters was just as good as ours - the ideas, the insights. One insight of his was worth 1,000 hours of thought by top experts.

I agree. I can’t know this for sure, but I’ll bet this young hero is a marked man for collaborating with the ‘enemy’. I’m not sure how he will evade retribution from his people, who have tortured and murdered their own people for a lot less. In my view he deserves more than just being given the Israel Security Prize. He deserves to be protected to the fullest level of Israel’s capabilities. I truly honor him and hope he lives a long, successful, and happy life.