Monday, June 21, 2010

A Gross Miscarriage of Justice

I am shocked. There is no other word for it. According to a report in the WCF, Shalom Rubashkin is going to be sentenced to 27 years in a federal prison. There is no parole in the federal prison system.

Throw everything else out the door. This is an immoral sentence. At this point all other criticism of Rubashkin is irrelevant. Even the prosecutors whom many people said were over-zealous in their prosecution did not recommend such a stiff sentence. Six former attorneys general of the widest possible political orientation have said that this type of sentence is unjust.

I cannot fathom what is in the mind of the judge who will be sentencing him to what amounts to a life sentence for a crime where other have been given far lighter sentences.

Just last week someone who embezzled 26 million dollars from his company was sentenced to 9 years. 26 million is the same amount of money Rubashkin was convicted of borrowing fraudulently from a bank.

I am not accusing her of anti-Semitism. Just of not being human.There is little other explanation for it. I hope that this report is in error. That is the only other possible explanation. I am outraged – and speechless!