Monday, June 27, 2011

Don’t They Know How Frum He Is?

Here is one fellow who I am absolutely convinced does not text on Shabbos.

Not only that, but he probably completely rejects contemporary societal values. He would for example never dream of wearing anything other than the Chasdishe Levush (clothing) in the street. That is obvious from the photo.

He is wearing a Bekeshe which is the Chasidic version of a Kapoteh. The Chasidic Bekeshe does not have any ‘four corner’ issues – requiring Tzitzis be attached. The Litvishe Kapoteh does - requiring one of the corners be rounded off so that it only contains three corners thus obviating the need for Tzitzis.

Elie Berger is of course very careful about such things – preferring the more Mehudar Chasidishe Bekeshe over the Litvishe one.

He also has a great business. This is a fellow who works for a living. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty. But that is not the only thing that is ‘dirty’ about him. He had decided to pad his income by cheating insurance companies.

But that’s OK. What are insurance companies for if not to cheat them? What a great idea he had. From a New York Daily News story - here is how it’s done.

The fraud was very clear here," District Attorney Charles Hynes said yesterday of the alleged scam at Perfect Collision in Borough Park. "The defendants were taking cars with minor damage and enhancing that."

They're accused of pounding vehicles with hammers and chisels to compound blemishes and increase their profit margin. They would then cash refund checks from insurers and pocket the money…

Scam – Shmam!

Ma Tovu Ma Naim! How wonderful it is to see such ingenuity on the part of the Frumest kind of Jew – a Chasid. I’m sure that he thought, ‘Those stupid insurance companies will never know what hit them’. ‘It’s win - win for everybody. The client gets his car back fully repaired, I make some big bucks off the insurance company, and no one gets hurt. The insurance company loses money?! Who cares! They have tons of it! Besides they’re Goyim!

Elie seems to have done pretty well doing this:

When investigators raided Berger's home, they said they found more than $700,000 in cash - even though he had filed for public assistance.

Wow! He enhanced his income by filing for public assistance. How clever. Why didn’t I think of that?

Prosecutors said the suspects could face additional tax and welfare fraud charges.

Both mechanics were slapped yesterday with a truckload of counts, including insurance fraud and grand larceny.

The nefarious government just had to stick their nose in. Now this poor Jew trying simply trying to make ends meet is probably going to go to jail for his innovative idea on how to make some real money. What a bunch of anti Semites. Don’t they know how Frum this guy is?

What a walking Chilul HaShem!