Friday, July 01, 2011

A Retraction and an Apology

I have been informed that the information in the last post is grossly inaccurate. This is one of those rare times where I said that I hope a story isn’t true and ‘Lo and behold’ it isn’t. Thank God.

My apologies to Agudah for any embarrassment my post has caused them.

Just to be clear, Im not sure the letter writer necessarily lied. He was probably reporting what his friend had told him. From his perspective and that of his friend I’m sure they believed the story as presented. However, my source is a man of impeccable integrity and I believe him.

DovBear - who initiated the story has posted the following comment with which I completely agree:

Reliable and knowledgeable people have told me that Camp Agudah discontinued its relationship with the first bus company because they were unhappy with the service provided. Apparently, there was a big foul up last year. These reliable and knowledgeable people are also claiming that the new bus company is not run by Kolko; however, it has been verified that Kolko is providing other services to the camps. For instance, he runs events and rents facilities as an agent for the camps.