Monday, August 29, 2011

A Tale of Two Patients

I have been out of commission for most of the day today – spending a good deal of it in a hospital emergency room.

I am OK.

But that was not the case at about 10:00 this morning when I was literally writhing in pain (in my stomach). My wife rushed me to the emergency room. I had an IV attached that fed me a pain killer – which stopped the pain. After a CT scan I was told that I had a kidney stone that was moving through the ureter from my kidney to my bladder. The nurses there all told me that the pain experienced by a moving kidney stone is comparable to that of the pain of giving birth.

In any case I am now fine and recovering from the grogginess that the pain killer gave me. I will also be working a wedding tonight. This leaves no time to post anything today – except for this brief history of my day today.

Speaking of hospitals, my grandson Reuven had successful surgery on his skull to remove a fast growing tumor. It penetrated the membrane between the skull and the brain. But the surgeon said he was able to remove all visible traces of the tumor without damaging the brain. He is in recovery now and conscious.

What a day!