Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It’s the Rabbis!

If the YWN report is accurate – it should settle once and for all who is responsible for the attacks against Orot - a girl’s religious elementary school in the Bet Shemesh area. It is the rabbinic leaders themselves. Their names have been listed in a source (YWN) that is usually sympathetic to the Charedi version of things.

It is true that they use disclaimers like “it was reported in…” thus protecting themselves if it isn’t true. However that they published the report along with names of promient rabis tends to confirm in my mind that it is very likely true. YWN is not give to Lashon Hara about their own.

I have been saying this for some time now. It is the leaders’ fault that these animals even exist. Mainstream Charedi rabbis are backing their claims to the school.

It is a clear as the sun to me that counter protests at the homes of these rabbinic leaders must take place. They should be peaceful but huge - the opposite of the hooligans who speak for these rabbis. There should be many placards denouncing the activities that are being fueled by these rabbis. The contrast between how a civilized Torah community responds to a situation and an uncivilized one should be made obvious to both the media and the rabbis being protested.

One might argue that the rabbis do not support the hooligan methods of protest. Only their objectives. It doesn’t matter. Their attitude feeds the unadulterated trash posing as human beings that yell and scream insults at 6th grade girls; throw eggs at them as they leave the school for their homes… all while shouting vulgarities and spitting at members of the media covering the story!

I cannot tell you how much this entire thing disgusts me. From the protesters to the rabbis who support their goals.

How can anyone including people in the normal - moderate Charedi world just stand idly by and watch it happen? And worse, how can anyone even try and be Dan L’Kaf Zechus here? How can anyone judge favorably the gutless wonders who throw eggs at little girls?! ...or the rabbis who support their goals? And how can a Charedi Mayor who is supposed to serve the public stand idly by with an excuse of trying to be neutral to the kind of things happening here?!

Protest, protest, protest! Organizers should try and get every decent human being to join in protest against these rabbis... right in front of their homes. I would urge that as many Charedim as possible join. If possible I would urge even Chilonim to join. The bigger the crowd the bigger the impact. There truly is strength in numbers. This is as good a time for solidarity as ever.

Perhaps it should even be done on Erev Rosh Hashana . Let it be known that good and decent people everywhere from all walks of life will no longer remain silent… that they are all shocked and outraged by what is happening in Bet Shemesh during the month of Elul just before the holiest period of the year.