Saturday, February 23, 2013

HaGaon HaRav Yukusiel Crank, Shlita

Rav Crank
In honor of Purim, which Chazal tell us is a holier day than Yom Kippur, I am posting this wonderful Drasha (first broadcast here in 2006) by HaGoan, R, Yukusiel Crank, Shlita. (His friends just call him Yucky.)

Many people may not have heard of this talented Tzadik V’RaLo, but that's OK. I haven't heard of him either. But that doesn't take away from his Gadlus. He is a renaissance man - truly a man for all seasons - including summer, fall, winter, and spring among other seasonings.

One need listen to only a few minutes of this fellow to realize just how brilliant he is. Although he comes from a Chasidic background he has an impeccable command of the English language and really knows how to turn a phrase. He is erudite beyond words. He’s is also an athlete.

It may surprise people to know that I actually studied at his feet for many years. Which is why I developed a breathing problem… (He had athlete’s foot) – but that’s a whole nother story. (Piece of advice: If someone has athelete’s foot, do not study anywhere near their feet.)

That said, I urge anyone with a sense of justice, and a thirst for knowledge to listen to the following. You will definitely not be sorry. Although you may feel nauseous. But many people tell me that’s normal for Purim (if you get my draft… I mean drift). Speaking of driving - if you Daven while you drive make sure you don’t Daven with Kavanah.

Anyway I bring you the holy words of Chaim Mordechai’s Brecher’s friend, HaGoan R’ Yukusiel Crank.

Happy Purim!