Friday, February 01, 2013

Rabbi Manis Friedman Apologizes

Image from the controversial video
In the interest of fairness and balance, I am posting the apology made by Rabbi Manis Friedman for the callous remarks he made about victims of sex abuse. These were were contained in a video that was spread  far and wide on the internet. It was also the subject of 2 very critical posts right here on this blog. I believe his apology is sincere. But I'm not sure he can undo the damage and hurt that this video caused many in the survivor community. I think he realizes that and why he has asked them for forgiveness. 

The apology is excerpted from an article in the Jewish Journal.comI believe it is the full text of his apology. His words follow.
I want to apologize for my completely inappropriate use of language when discussing sexual abuse. I have always believed in the importance of empowering victims of all kinds to move forward in building their lives. In my zeal to reinforce that belief, I came across as being dismissive of one of the worst crimes imaginable.
For that I am deeply sorry.
Molestation is a devastating crime, violating the intimacy and innocence of the pure and defenseless. The victim is left feeling that there is something wrong with the world in which they live. Perpetrators of molestation should be reported to the police and prosecuted appropriately. Any person, organization or entity that stands by silently is abetting in the crime.
From now on, I will make sure to make those points absolutely clear. This is about more than regret. The subject can't be neglected.
I hope over time to earn the forgiveness of those who were hurt by my words.