Sunday, March 03, 2013

An Inspiring Evening


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I don’t usually add my own sentiments to a paid ad. But I am making an exception here. One of the things near and dear to my heart is the issue of Ahavas HaGer. 

We are required by biblical law to love the convert and treat him or her no differently that we treat any other Jew. Unfortunately this law is often not followed to the letter, let alone the spirit of the law. 

I have written about this issue in the past. I consider it an outrage that in many instances a sincere convert to Judaism is sometimes looked down upon and discriminated against ever so subtly in many cases. This is a gross injustice. I see the convert and the Baal Teshuva on a much higher level than those of us who were born into an observant Jewish family. I am in fact in awe of their life changing decisions. I therefore urge anyone who is able to attend the event being advertised below. I am absolutely convinced it will be a most inspiring experience.

How Welcoming is the Orthodox Community to Converts? How Can We Fulfill The Torah's Mandate of "Va'Ahavtem et Ha'Ger?  Hear the inspiring personal journeys of four different converts, followed by an honest discussion of some of the major issues involving conversion.  Tuesday, March 5 @ 8 PM at Lincoln Square Synagogue in New York.  For more information, please visit 

We are also looking for mentors and other volunteers to help conversion students in Manhattan with their giyur process, including hosting for Shabbos, tutoring etc.  If interested, please email