Monday, February 24, 2014

And They Think it’s Funny!

I was sent the video below this morning. It is upsetting at so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin. 

What could have been a major Kiddush Hasehm has turned into a major Chilul HaShem. It depicts a couple of Lubavitch Shlichim in what appears to be in some sort of refugee camp. They are surrounded by a bunch of cute little black kids. And they are handing out candy. So far so good. But in what has to be one of the most outrageous acts of ridicule, they are teaching these young black children to repeat the mantra of Lubavitch Meshichists, Yechi Adoneienu Moreinu V’Rabbenu Hamelech HaMoshiach L’Olam Vo’ed. Translation: Long live our master, our teacher and our Rebbi, the king messiah forever and ever.

I haven’t discussed the Lubavitcher Meshichist issue for quite some time. Frankly I thought it had died down significantly to the point where it was no longer ever mentioned. At least in public.  Not that I believe for a moment it isn’t alive and well at some level in their heart of hearts.  However, except for a few hangers on to the idea of shouting it from the roof-tops and their Beis Moshicah centers - most Lubavitchers don’t talk about it anymore. At least in America. Their beliefs about the Rebbe being resurrected from the dead to complete his task as the Messiah are kept to themselves. 

I believed that as time passes, those beliefs will be pushed even further  to the back of their minds and will hardly ever be brought up again in public. That has been their modus operandi in outreach for the most part. Promoting a belief that mimics that of Christianity in the sense that a Messiah will arise from the dead in a second coming - would hardly be conducive to their outreach efforts. Even though the vast majority of Lubavictchers do not see their messiah as a deity the way Christians see their messiah, the similarities are stark and to be avoided in most cases of outreach. Or so I thought. 

But I guess I was wrong. These two Lubavitch Shlichim (emissaries) not only sing it from the top of their lungs, they are teaching little black children to say it repeatedly. And they think what they are doing is funny!  

It is bad enough to see any Lubavitch Shaliach promoting in any way the idea that their deceased Rebbe is the Messiah. But to see them doing so to innocent little children who do not even understand what they are saying in the spirit of ridicule is the height of insensitivity. It lacks Kavod HaBrios – respecting God’s creations. And it is a Chilul HaShem. 

I protest it. I would ask the rabbinic leaders of Lubavitch to recall these two fellows and severely reprimand them.  I also reiterate my call for Lubavitch to once and for all publicly repudiate the notion that their deceased  Rebbe is in any way going to be resurrected as Moshiach. Even though thy believe it is possible based on the sources they use to show that, it does not serve them well to in anyway allow this idea to be promoted publicly. 

To the extent that any of their other Shilichim do it, they ought to be stopped, recalled and sanctioned. More importantly the fact that any religious Jew can take advantage of fellow human beings by way of tricking them into saying or doings things that will enable them to laugh at those kids is major Chilul HaShem! It sickened me to watch it.

This video ought to be shown at the next Lubavitch Shlichim convention and then ought to be so forcefully condemned that it will never happen again. And if it ever does, I would suggest their leadership expell those who do from Lubavitch in as public a way as possible.