Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Little Help from My Friends

It’s that time of year. I am once again asking those of you that read and appreciate what I do here to help support this blog by making a financial contribution in any amount you choose. But only if you can afford it. Please do not feel obligated.

However, if you are so inclined, the best way to do that is to buy an ad. That is - if you have something to advertise. (For more information click on the advertising message in the right margin.) 

Otherwise the easiest way to support what I do here is to donate* through PayPal (also located on the right margin). This is strictly voluntary. The blog is free for anyone who wishes to access it. There are no subscription fees. And you may notice that I carry very few ads.

Unlike professional journalists and columnists, I do not get paid for writing. I do it for free. As Ive said many times, it is a labor of love. That doesnt mean I wouldn't appreciate a paid position as a writer somewhere. I would. And then I would probably love what I do even more. But as of yet I have not been offered a paid position. 

I am, however, grateful to the Jewish Press and more recently the Times of Israel for publishing so many of my posts online. Even though they don't pay me I appreciate the exposure. 

In any case whether you donate anything at all or nothing at all, I wish to once again this year - as in the past - thank all those who read the blog as well as those who comment. The comments are diverse and represent a wide spectrum of Jewish thought.There are a lot of knowledgeable people out there. I'm grateful that so many are willing to share their wisdom here. I continue to learn much from many of them. As I'm sure have most of those who read and do not comment.

I would like to extend a special thanks to all those who have contributed guest columns. They have truly broadened the dimensions of this blog. 

Thanks again to all.

*Donations are not tax deductible.