Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Man for All Seasons

Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
If anyone wants to know why Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is so high up on my list of great Jewish figures, they should watch this 2 part interview on PBS's Religion and Ethics News Weekly.

The man is a walking Kiddush HaShem. In my view, if more Jews would look to him for leadership no matter what their Hashkafa, or even their religion (or lack thereof for that matter) the world be a better place.

Whether one is on the right, left or center; Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, or Reconstructionist; or even Christian, Muslim,  Hindu, Buddhist, or Atheist... listen to him speak. His manner, his intelligence,his  perspective, his eloquence, and even his sense of humor, and his message will surely resonate.

Watch both parts and see if you do not agree. (Hat tip: Gil Student)