Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Child Sex Abuse Prevention

I just received the following note from this champion of Jewish children, Rabbi Yakov Horowitz. I believe this is an important issue and feedback will help advance the cause of child safety. Please follow the link answer the survey questions that are applicable to you.

Reb Harry

Hi and I hope all is well.

I'm trying to collect important feedback/info regarding our child safety book and I'd very much appreciate it if you could post this link along with a short post explaining it so your readers can help me design the best possible child safety materials moving forward

We sold over 25,000 copies of our English safety book and over 5,000 of our Yiddish version. 

We are halfway through production on our Ivrit book and I need to get a better handle from users of the book as to its effectiveness -- along with lots of other questions.

Thanks so very much and best regards.