Sunday, September 13, 2015

So Shall it be Written...

As we approach the new year I am going to take this opportunity to ask Mechila from anyone I may have hurt with my words. I apologize.

In particular I would ask Mechila from a relatively frequent commenter that uses the word “Emes’ as his alias. I do not know his name or who he is. But I regret calling him a Rasha. I have no excuse other than over-reacting to what I perceived was a personal attack. I was wrong and ask him for Mechila, forgiveness for embarrassing him. Even though he uses an alias, I’m sure it was not pleasant being called a Rasha (an evil person). I had no right to call him that based on anything he said here.

I want to also make clear that I am Mochel… I absolutely and unconditionally forgive anyone who ever said anything hurtful to me on this blog. No matter how severe, you have my complete forgiveness.

If I had to choose one event over the year that I believe has the potential to cause the most damage in the world in general and the Jewish world in particular – it legitimization of Iran. That is in essence what lifting sanctions will begin doing as they will now be able to do business with the rest of the world. It will substantially improve their devastated economy.

Add to that the $150 billion of their money which we now control - and it will no doubt accelerate their terrorist supporting activities and their goal of destroying the Jewish state.

I wish that instead of legitimizing this rogue state, the world would have isolated it more by severely increasing sanctions and brought Iran to its knees. That may have gotten the world a better deal. One that would not have just weakly addressed the nuclear threat but one that would have more strongly addressed it; one that would have gotten back Americans being held hostage; one that ended their support of terrorism; and one that would have thwarted their goal of destroying Israel.

We can’t know the future. But I worry that we enter the year 5776 in worse shape than when we entered 5775. I pray that I am wrong.

With this, I want to wish a Kesiva V’Chasimah Tovah to all. May we all be written and sealed into the book of life, health, happiness, prosperity, and peace.