Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Erasing Women - Again!

R' Greenland, Mordechai, Noam Shimon and Donny
How far has this Mishegas gone? Even the New York Daily News now censors pictures of women.  At least as far as my family is concerned.

My daughter is in a mixed marriage. She is a Cubs fan. (So are her children). My son in law is a Mets fan.  They are the subject of an article about this dilemma. They were one of two families featured where the spouses (spice?) are on opposite sides of the Cubs/Mets rivalry.

Guess what? 

They had a picture of my son in law, Rabbi Micah Greenland and my grandchildren. Rabbi Greenland is wearing a Mets jersey and my grandchildren are in Cubs jerseys or t-shirts. 

Nice picture.  But… WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER AND GRANDDAUGHTER?!  I guess they don’t exist. At least as far as their images are concerned.

Yes friends the extremists have won. When it comes to women – there will be no pictures. Even in the Daily News. At least as far as my family is concerned. And I protest!

By the way, for you die-hard Cubs fans out there... not to worry. Just because they have a 2 game deficit doesn't mean they won't win the National League pennant. And then the World Series.You can bet on it. Ya gotta believe... It's their time! (Isn't it?)

Go, Cubs, go
Go, Cubs, go
Hey, Chicago, what do you say
The Cubs are gonna win today