Monday, February 15, 2016

A Little Help From My Friends

It's that time of year again. If  you enjoy this blog in any way and would like to see it continue, then a monetary contribution* via Paypal (located in the right margin) would go a long way towards doing that. Or you can place an ad. (Details: here

This will show me that my efforts here are worth more than nothing. Any amount you can afford will be appreciated. If you cannot afford it, do not in any feel way obligated. This is a free blog. Anyone can access it and participate by commenting at any time. But if you can, it would be nice to be appreciated in this way.

Why am I asking for contributions? Unlike professional journalists and columnists, I do not get paid for writing. I do it for free as a labor of love.  But it takes a lot of time and hard work. Who wouldn't want to be paid for working hard? 

I would love to be hired as a paid columnist in any Jewish publication. I think it would increase their readership. This is a popular blog that has generated thousands of readers. My column would very likely do the same for them. But as of yet I have not been offered a paid position. 

I am grateful to the Jewish Press, the Times of Israel, and the Jerusalem Post for publishing so many of my posts online. Even though they don't pay me I appreciate the exposure. But I would appreciate the financial support even more... and it will motivate me to continue this blog and write even better posts.

Good Jewish blogs are getting harder to find. I hope that mine is one of them. My blog is still here and going strong. If you would like to see it continue, a donation in any amount will go a long way toward that end.

I hope that mblog has contributed positively to the public discourse of the issues that matter to the Jewish world.

Last but not least, thank you to all of my readers. Especially those who take the time to comment. Without you, this blog would not be the success that it is.

Harry Maryles

*Contributions are not tax deductible.