Thursday, December 17, 2020

As Antisemitic as Ever!

The European Union High Court (Hamodia)
I have often stated my utter contempt for Europe. My views haven’t changed. They have actually been enhanced by their embrace of the left wing humanistic ethos. They remain true to form in being as antisemitic as they ever were. Only they are increasingly clever in how they go about it. Which lately was in supporting a Belgian law that effectively outlaws Shechita - the ritual slaughter of animals. It was couched in terms of being humane to animals. VIN reports the following: 

The European Union’s highest court has upheld Belgium’s bans on slaughtering animals without first stunning them, a ruling that confirms the prohibition on the production of kosher and halal meat in parts of Belgium and clears a path for additional bans across Europe. 

Stunning! That is the way this new ruling hits me. (No pun intended.) What they are in essence saying is that God is an unethical Being if he requires animals  to be slaughtered without first being stunned. And since Jews follow the laws of the Torah, they too are unethical. The Godless Europeans apparently believe that animals should have the same rights as human beings. And since stunning is more humane, our religious rights are secondary and can be denied. Then they actually had the gall to claim that they are not being denied. More about that later.

Stunning is more humane? The basis for this ruling is that by stunning the animal first, it does not realize or feel the pain of being slaughtered. I don’t know about anyone else, but if someone was going to slice my throat, I don’t think being hit over the head first with a mallet would make it less painful. What it does however do is make the animal a Treifa - which is unsuitable for the ritual slaughter that would make it Kosher for consumption. 

But Europeans doesn’t care about us. At least not as much as they do about animals. The ridiculous rationalization made by the EU high court in this ruling is that they did not deny our religious rights because the act of ritual slaughter was not by itself denied. They only added the precondition of making the animal Treif first. That is about as twisted an explanation as I can imagine. 

I’m not sure if they even realize their own antisemtism here. But it doesn’t matter. This ruling is no less antisemitic. The claim that we may buy kosher meat slaughtered outside the country does not make it less so. In fact the implication of that is we are being given the right to be as unethical as our religion requires by buying kosher meat which by their definition was slaughtered inhumanely! What a sick mentality.

There are people that have actually done scientific studies about just how humane Shechita is.  If I recall correctly, there is scientist who is an expert on these matters that happens to be an Orthodox rabbi. He fully understands the science and has made it his life’s work to prove how humane Shecita actually is. He has proven that to skeptics in countries that – for reasons of the humane treatment of animals - wanted to implement the stunning requirement. After his presentation, they backed off. 

But I guess Belgium was not one of them. And the European Union’s highest court agreed with them. To the Godless atheists that comprise a large swath of the left  animal rights will trump religious rights every single time. After all to them - just like to PETA  - man is just another animal. 

Contrast that with the US. There is no stunning requirement anywhere in the country. Nor is there any legislation like that pending in any American jurisdiction. Unlike the Godless European left, the US was founded by religious men who were persecuted for their religious beliefs in their home country. Religious freedom therefore became the cornerstone of our democracy. And protects the religious rights of all its inhabitants. 

Jews and Muslims are free to slaughter their animals in any ways their religion requires them to do it. Public servants on both sides of the political aisle realize that. (It’s somewhat ironic that every country in Europe has an official religion while America does not.) Not that PETA and its willing accomplices on the left haven’t tried to ban Shechita here. 

This is one reason (among many) why I could not care less if the entire European continent would sink into the ground. (Obviously saving Jews and righteous gentiles among them first.) That is where the antisemities of the world belong! And have always belonged throughout their long and sordid history of persecuting us. 

May God continue to bless the United States of America! 

Off my soapbox.