Wednesday, August 04, 2021

The Harm of Exaggerating Racism

Chicago Police Superintendent, David Brown (Sun-Times)
Although I have done so in the past, I have been reluctant lately to discuss the racial issues plaguing this country right now. Primarily out of the fear that I will be labeled a racist. But that should not have stopped me from sharing my thoughts. Too much is at stake for all Americans – black or white. So here goes.

The truth is that being called a racist by the extremists on the left should be seen as a badge of honor. Not because I am racist, but because they are. While pretending to be advocates for the black community (bellowing charges of systemic racism) they might better be characterized as the black community’s  worst enemy – by undoing all the progress made towards Dr. Martin Luther King’s goal of judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. 

And yet that is precisely what the black leaders on the extreme left want everybody to do.  They want white people to see themselves for the racists that they are, to admit it and pay for the racist crimes of their ancestors. 

In that vein they want to change the historical narrative about this country from the inspirational one that has always been taught into an indictment against its  founders. Teaching instead that their goals were based entirely on slavery. Using slavery to build their country and disguising it with lofty but fake tones of patriotism and democracy. The founders must be seen for the racists they were, condemned and responsible for all the racism that exists here today. This is in fact what the goal of teaching critical race theory is all about. The history of the United States can only be taught through the lens of racism, and its founders must be condemned.  

Ignored is all the progress black people have made in our day. Ignored is the fact that tolerance and equality of all people has been the theme in education and all areas since at least the passing of civil rights legislation in the 60s. 

What is focused upon instead is that black people are mistreated because of systematic racism. Which is  why a white cop killed a black suspect in Minneapolis last year. As well as many other instances of white cops killing innocent black  people. And that systematic racism is responsible for the way black people are mistreated by a mostly white police force. This is their sole narrative.

I am not going to deny the obvious. White cops tend to be more suspicious of black suspects when investigating crime. But I believe the same is true for black cops who might actually feel the same way. Does that mean they are biased? Absolutely. But  does it mean they are racist? Absolutely not. The fact is that there are a lot more murdering of innocent black people by black criminals than there are white cops murdering black suspects. Probably by orders of magnitude! 

So as biased and unfair as it is, it is an understandable bias based on reality. That doesn’t make it right. But there is a reason for that bias by both black and white cops. Why this is the case is beyond the scope of this post. Suffice it to say that it is a combination of factors that includes a history of discrimination and neglect - but it is certainly not limited to that. There are a lot of other factors involved, each one having many facets to consider. 

But extremist left wing black activists focus on only one thing: Systemic white racism. 

There is, however, another side to the issue of black people in America that demonstrates the exact opposite of racism. Which should be obvious even to the most casual observer. Black people are completely integrated into American society. In far too many ways to count. Just to mention a few that come to mind, academia in all its branches, the arts, sciences, the professions business, sports, entertainment, news media, law enforcement, and government. To the best of my knowledge there is no area where a black man or woman will be  denied the opportunity to succeed. In America it’s all about commitment, determination, persistence, hard work... and then getting results.   

What irks me the most is the way leftist black leaders ignore the tragedy of black on black crime.  Something that plagues big cities all over America. Not the least of which is right here in Chicago. Hardly a day goes by where an innocent black victim - often a young child – gets shot and killed. Usually by black gang members involved in some sort of turf war with other gang members. 

Often they will drive by their target and shoot at them. More often than not, it seems, they will hit an innocent bystander instead. Causing untold grief to the family of the victim. (Not that they care) The number of innocent black people killed by cops pales in comparison to the number killed by black gang members. Yet I never saw a single left wing black leader ever commenting on it. Not once.  No sympathy for the family, Nothing. 

In the rare instance where a leftist black leader might be forced to react to it by a reporter, they will blame the racist society that created the impoverished environment responsible for these things. In other words, it’s not the fault of the gang member that shot the child. It’s the fault of society that created him. As if to say that if they had more money they would be more moral. 

That is complete unadulterated drivel. Sure - they come from poor neighborhoods, and were probably raised in poverty. But having a conscience has nothing to do with money. There are a lot of poor black people that are moral and raise their children accordingly. Morality is not about money. It’s about values. 

What to do about it is intertwined with left wing politics. In Chicago the judiciary has for example found that bail for accused violent criminals is unfair to the poor black suspect arrested for it. So bail has practically been eliminated.  That allows these criminals to be back into the streets to do more damage and kill more people. Shooting has since substantially increased. that is just a fact. This is not just my theory. It is almost verbatim what Chicago’s Black Chief of Police, David Brown said. And he is not the first Chicago police Chief to say that. It’s called revolving door justice. 

Wan who gets hurt the most by this? Need I answer that question? Why are these black leaders not heard? Why is it only the leftist black leaders that the media pays any attention to? Need I answer those questions too? 

Like I said, there is no question that racism exists in our culture. Some of it so subtle that people don’t eve realize they have it. But that is not where the real problem lies. The problem is that there is an exaggerated focus by the left on one side of the issue - and an almost complete denial of the other side of the issue. Amost as though the children getting hurt in black ghettos doesn’t even exist. 

If we are going to solve these problems, we need to focus on reality. Not left wing agendas. Black or white - we need to treat criminals like criminals. Not victims.  And we need to look around and see that black success has no real impediment in this country. While the racism of the past cannot be dismissed or ignored, it should be taught in the context of the times and the reputation of  founding fathers needs to be restored for the great people they were. Whose notion about democracy has created the opportunity for success available to all people. Regardless of race, religion, creed, or color.

You never know. Someday a black man may even become President of the United States.