Monday, September 20, 2021

Apology to Breslov

Gravesite of Rebbe Nachman in Uman (Wikipedia)
I have just been informed that a recent story about a few Breslover Chasidim returning to Israel from Uman with fraudulent COVID test results - is false. There was no fraud. From Life in Israel: 

...investigators realized, as many of the Breslavers have been claiming all along, that the local PCR tests in Ukraine had been negative, and the tests upon landing in Ben Gurion airport had been negative for them, while only the MDA, Magen David Adom, tests in Ukraine had been positive. The investigators decided based on the official information they confirmed that there was no fraud and the problem was with MDA testing, not with the Breslavers

The post I wrote about this has been taken down. 

I offer my sincere apologies to the innocent Chasidim involved as well as to Breslov Chasidism in general. If in any way my words hurt anyone - I truly am sorry and regret my error. It was an honest mistake based on reports published in more than one respected publication. That does not excuse what I did. But it does explain why I did it.

I ask Mechila from the individual Breslovers involved as well as from the entire Breslov community. Once again. I am truly sorry.