Thursday, September 02, 2021

My Biking Accident

Photo for illustration purposes only
Yesterday at about 1:30 pm I had a biking accident. While making a sharp right turn at a high speed on one of Chicago's beautiful biking trails my pedal grazed the pavement and tossed me onto it. I hit the pavement hard. Which caused me a great deal of pain. I have fallen off my bike many times in the past. But even though I was in pain, I was always able get back up, ride through the pain; and finish the 20 mile route. 

This time was different. I was going much faster and hit the ground much harder. The pain was excruciating! 

The nice thing about fellow cyclists is that they care about others. Those near me that saw what happened - immediately came over to ask if I was alright. I told them I was fine but in a great deal of pain. But unlike other times - this time I realized could not get back on my bike.

At that point, a very nice 78 year old lady  came over and asked me if I wanted a ride back to my house. Without knowing where I lived or how far away. I thanked her for the offer but I  declined. I said that I would call my wife and she would come and get me. But she kept insisting and said it was no big deal. I was in so much pain that I ended up taking her up on the offer. Her 50ish year old son was with her and  brought over her car. It was a small car that could in no way accommodate my bicycle. 

But she said that she would make it work. Her son lifted up the bike, put it in the trunk. And she tied down the trunk with a bungee cord she had handy in the car.  And she took me - a total stranger - home. during the ride I asked her if she lived in the neighborhood.  She answered in the negative telling me that she lived on the far south side of Chicago. At least an hour away by car from my far north side home. I expressed gratitude to her for her kindness, And she went on her way. There are some truly great people in Chicago. 

After I got home, I called my doctor and he told me to go to the emergency room. After a series of x-rays and a CAT scan, I was told that I broke 4 ribs and had a partially collapsed lung which had a small contusion. He then told me that he wanted me to admit me to the hospital for observation.

I went to sleep last night under a lot of pain and worrying about needing to stay in he hospital and the insertion of a chest tube. I was given pain medication which helped but did not eliminate all the pain. 

Did not sleep well.

In the morning an x-ray technician came in a took a picture. Thankfully there was significant improvement. But I was still nevertheless still in pain. The good news was that they were going to 'set me free' in a couple of hours. Checked out at about 1:00 pm. Normally people my age stay for a bout a week after an injury like this. But because I was physically fit, I was allowed to leave after an overnight stay.

I am back home now. Still in pain. But glad to be home. I won't be able to ride my bike for at least 2 weeks. But I am grateful to God for giving me the overall good health that allowed me to spend less time in the hospital and continue my recovery at home.

Now you are all up to date.