Monday, December 27, 2021

Epstein and Walder

Chaim Walder (TOI)
Question: What do Jeffrey Epstein and Chaim Walder have in common? Answer: Everything! These two Jews were both evil and cowards. After having been exposed by their multiple victims of sexual abuse and/or rape. And after denying it, they both took their own lives. Neither was willing to face the consequences of their actions. In my view there is no greater admission of guilt than committing suicide after being exposed of such heinous crimes.   

If there is a difference it is that Walder was much worse than Epstein. 

Jeffery Epstein (ABC News)
Epstein never championed himself as a servant of God. Quite the contrary. He championed hedonism using his massive wealth to live his life accordingly – disregarding the welfare of his victims. Who were merely used as props in his narcissistic debauchery. Even using a female accomplice towards those nefarious ends. When someone like that is exposed, it is not all that surprising that he used people as props to feed his aberrant sexual appetite. 

On the other hand Walder’s public persona was of a righteous Charedi. His pubic persona exemplified what the Charedi world is all about. But his private persona was as a sexual predator who, like Epstein disregarded the welfare of his victims. He championed himself, quite successfully as a children's advocate in the form of his many children’s books and his popular radio talk show.  Where his ‘sage’ advice was sought by listeners that called in.  He lived that double life until he was exposed by some of his victims.  And continued vehemently denying it all until the moment he took his own life in shame.

It is one thing when a hedonistic Jew is exposed as a sexual predator. It is another when a respected Charedi author is exposed that way. Although it surely doesn’t matter to the survivors whether their tormentors were religious or not - it matters to the community with which they identified. Making Walder not only guilty of seriously hurting his victims for possibly the rest of their lives . But of causing a major Chilul HaShem.

Another thing that makes Walder worse than Epstein is that as a popular religious personality his victims probably placed unwarranted trust in him – enabling him to more easily groom and ensnare his victims.

The world may now be rid of two sexual predators. That is a good thing. They will never be able to abuse anyone again. But there is a lot of collateral damage by those suicides. Their victims will never get their day in court. Walder and Epstein will never have to face their accusers and listen to how he abused them in the public arena of a courtroom. 

In Walder’s case, there are additional victims. Which I’m sure he never intended - thinking he would never be caught. His wife and children are beyond humiliated by what he did. Next to his victims, they are suffering the most. That would have been true even before he took his life.

Walder may have thought ending his life would help them move on. But I don’t think it will. This family lost a father and husband who until a short while ago probably exemplified how husbands and fathers should lead their lives.

His exposure as a sexual predator took that away instantly. His suicide  did not cleanse what he did. His children will forever be tainted by what their father did - both as a predator and in committing suicide. It would not surprise me if - because of all this - they now suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). A serious mental disorder that by itself can lead to suicide.

I have no clue why some people become sexual predators.  And why so often they are among most prominent members of society. My guess though is that there are a lot of people with aberrant sexual desires that either know how to control their impulses. Or simply do not have the opportunity to act upon them. Or simply fear getting caught. 

But when people like this gain some power and notoriety, opportunities open up. And among them are people of  weak moral character that will take advantage of them.  Believing all the while that they are invincible. Or that their ‘stellar’ reputations will protect them. But as we so often see, they eventually get their due.  One way or the other.