Sunday, August 07, 2022

Operation Breaking Dawn

The 2 eliminated Islamic Jihad commanders (Jewish Press)
In what can only be described as a surprise attack in Gaza , Israel has succeeded in taking out 2 leaders of Islamic Jihad in a military action called ‘Operation Breaking Dawn’

Islamic Jihadi s committed to the destruction of Israel. Thank God its leader is  dead and that to the best of my knowledge no Israeli was killed or injured.

Today, on the day of Tisha B’Av as we mourn the destruction of the 2  Batei Mikdash among all other tragedies that befell the Jewish people thought history, it is comforting to know that God is protecting us through his Shiluchim, the IDF. For Which we owe Him and the IDF much gratitude.

I have also read that the President supports what Israel has done. I guess he considers it a defensive action same as Israel does. If true that is a refreshing change form past administrations that while offering qualified support always followed it up with warnings and admonitions about not going overboard. I didn’t hear that this time. Perhaps that might be because the US just had its own successful assassination of an Islamic terrorist,  Ayman al-Zawahiri, the late head of Al Qaida.

 Of course Gaza did not take this sitting down. They have been firing rockets all over Israel. Without much success. Although it is always frightening to know that a rocket can hit you at any time when so many are fired, the fact is that Iron Dome has been doing its job and no one has been killed. Still, the thought of loving under the threat of constant attack cannot be pleasant.  Not sure we can do anything about it. Other than to make sure Israel’s military remains strong and resolute about protecting its citizens.

There were however casualties in Gaza.  Some of whom  ere children which of course the Hamas leadership in Gaza was quick to blame on Israel. But according to Benny Gantz, that wasn’t possible since the IDF was not in that part of Gaza. The best guess is that one of their rockets embedded among civilian missifired and exploded on location.. 

There has been a cease fire called. I sure hope it takes. Why Israel decided to do this now is unknown to me. But I trust that Israel knows what its doing. Which has been the case since is very founding. May it continue. And in the spirit of the day, let us hope that next year Tisha B’Av will be celebrated as the great Yom Tov it is destined to be B’Yerushalayim Havenuya.