Sunday, August 14, 2022

The Enemy is Us

AG Merrick Garland and former President Donald Trump (Insider)
I am beyond dismayed. The political polarization in this country seems to have reached a fever pitch, these days. Not that this level of polarization wasn’t around before. It was around long before Trump. But ever since the former President took office and articulated what a major portion of the country was thinking, that polarization never went beyond conversation among like minded friends.

Trump changed all that. Those who believed that all of their problems originated in a Washington filled with lying politicians now had a President who spoke for them. They fell in love with him. He was now saying out loud what they were thinking. 

This is why it is so easy for so many of his supporters to actually believe the election was stolen. If their leader/hero (the President, no less) says it was, it must have been. It is what led  extremist elements among them to use deadly violence on January 6th. They were not about to let all the progress made under Trump slip away because of a stolen election. It is no longer enough to talk about it among friends.  They are going to fight. Whatever it takes.

In other words, Trump did not really cause the polarization. He was just the catalyst that unleashed violence on its behalf

To be absolutely clear, I do not for a moment believe that Trump supporters are all evil people. Nor do I believe that they are all racists or ignorant boobs who can barely spell their own names. It can’t be the case that nearly half the country are evil or stupid. I’m sure that many are quite intelligent and well read. 

I believe instead that it is their politically conservative values that drive them and color their perceptions.  They don’t want to see the country descend into what they believe is an abyss of Godless immorality. They seen themselves on a mission to return this country to values they believe made it great.  A country of Godly morals instead of human ideas about what is - and isn’t moral. 

That being said, the left has shared responsibility for these troubled times. The left does indeed characterize virtually all Trump supporters racist. Or stupid. Or both. They believe that today’s more  enlightened man can decide what is an isn’t moral regardless of what some ancient book supposedly authorized by some mythical deity says. 

What the right says is moral decay is seen by the left as humanity’s right to determine what is just and right in their own enlightened eyes. Anyone challenging those notions are stupid as they are evil. The challengers are the immoral ones - out to destroy democracy in favor of a theocracy where some are more equal than others. Whose archaic values they consder immoral.

I believe that this is the primary motivation behind he left’s anti Trump activity. They want to eliminate any possibility of Trump running for President in 2024. Using all legal means at their disposal to do so. Saying things like - no one being above the law – including the President.  

I have no doubt, for example, that the search warrant executed at Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago was legally sound. But I do not believe for a minute that this would be happening if Trump had decided to retire from politics.  

Iis Trump guilty of the crimes he is suspected of committing? My guess is that he probably is. At least some of them. The question is are those crimes serious enough to pursue if they lead to a civil war? MAGA people have never been so outraged... and so energized to act on it.

A politically left idealist might say. ‘Of course they are’. But the law is the law and let the facts lead where they may. 

In my view that attitude is  a major mistake. My guess is that whatever is found among the documents the FBI  seized would not harm the security of the US. Even if they are ‘top secret’ - which the media has apparently discovered them to be. Trump may be evil.  But he is not a spy for enemy who would do us harm.      

Trump’s supporters will not take this lying down. They are more energized than ever. Some of the more radical elements among them have actually threatened or even tried to kill people involved with that search warrant. MAGA people are ‘mad as hell - and aren’t going to take it anymore!’   

I don’t know what will transpire as things keep descending into the abyss. But as determined as the right is to fight for their values - which the see being championed by Trump, so too is the left determined to take down Trump with all the means legally available to them. 

So there you have it. The stage is set. Will a civil war between the left and the right commence right before our eyes? Will there be even more violent conflict than their already is? Is it worth the price of destroying the country?  

There ought to be some common sense that will calm the waters instead of making them more deadly. I think this is why even some of Trump’s biggest critics have criticized the steps taken by the justice department. There will be a  better outcome if Trump is left alone. Unless there is truly a major revelation about Trump that shows him to have really been subversive - looking the other way is the wiser choice.

Trump needs to be forgotten I say this even though I agreed with so many of his polices. Either forgotten or at least considered a bad memory. The country needs to move on. Those of us that liked his polices have numerous other candidates that could fill the bill. But unlike Trump, have far more integrity, honesty, and honor. And most importantly will not be as polarizing.

 At the end of the day, this isn’t really about Trump. It is about a clash of values and extremism in their pursuit. Driving us towards self destruction catylized by a President who cares more about himself than his country. Which may lead  to the demise of America as we know it.