Monday, November 07, 2022

A Republican Sweep?

Republican Candidate for the US Senate, Mehmet Oz (CNN)
It looks like it could very well be a near clean sweep for Republicans in tomorrow’s election. Although a lot of races are very tight and too close to call, it seems that the momentum has definitely swung to the right.  

Not that long ago Democrats thought that they would keep the senate as is (a 50/50 tie with Democratic Vice President, Kamela Harris casting a deciding vote) . And maybe lose the House - although there was some hope that a key issue might swing the vote back their way in the House as well.

That issue is abortion rights. They correctly surmise that the majority of Americans support those rights. Although in a more limited and not the completely open way Democrats imply they do. Nonetheless with the Supreme Court striking down Roe v Wade - they believed it would spur voters to vote their way. Most Republicans are pro-life and would restrict abortions far more than most Americans would like to see. 

I knew from the start that the abortion issue would not be the key factor in this election. There are 2 things that concern the American people right now far more than abortion rights: The economy and crime. 

Inflation is on everybody’s mind. Gas and food prices are thorough the roof. This effects everybody. While inflation can be directly traced to the pandemic, Democrats are in charge right now and they own the issue – regardless of how they might try to wheedle out of it. 

Republicans have always been seen as more favorable to the economy than Democrats. The most recent example of that was before the pandemic. Under a Republican administration the economy was in pretty good shape. We were oil rich to the point of exporting it. Food prices were stable. Unemployment was at a record low and corporate tax breaks incentivized business to produce more product. Which kept prices down, increased jobs and increased demand. The stock market was flying. 

All of that is gone now. Inflation is at record levels. Attempts by the Fed to curb inflation by by raising the prime interest rate will surely cause a recession. Resulting in decreased production, increased unemployment, and decreased demand. All under the watch of the current Democratic White House and Democratic congress. 

With respect to crime, Illinois liberal Democratic governor, J.B. Pritzker signed into law a cashless bail system. If I understand correctly people arrested even for violent crimes will not need to post bail to be released from custody until trial.  New York has similar legislation pending. 

With the news media increasingly reporting daily shootings where often innocent children are shot and killed in drive-by gang related shootings, cashless bail is not a solution. It will instead surely be a major part of the problem. Meanwhile Democratic candidates are ignoring those issues - at least in their endless, boring, and repetitive campaign ads - almost exclusively talking about their pro abortion positions in contradistinction to their pro life Republican rivals!

In my view this is why Republicans are very likely to take control of both houses of congress. 

Democrats are also casting tomorrow’s vote as a referendum on democracy as we know it. Casting a Republican takeover to be the end of democracy in America.

I’m not buying it. And I don’t think this scare tactic will work  What about the fact that so many Republican candidates questioned the results of the last election in spite of the massive evidence that it was legitimate?

I think most of them believe in the results of the last election despite comments to the contrary. It’s all about getting elected. Politicians lie. It’s part of the job description - on both sides of the political aisle. In this case of Republican candidates, they lie because they do not want to alienate MAGA  voters. Without which they cannot win. MAGA voters eat up every word their hero, Trump states - as gospel!  

I don’t like it. But that is the reality. That said if elected, I believe that (with a few exceptions like Mastriano in Pennsylvania)  most  Republicans candidates will govern pretty much the way their Republican predecessors did. Although in some cases a lot more to the right. I believe the 2020 election results will become a dead issue once they are in office.

What is important is the direction this country will go. Will it remain a free market economy? Or will it move in the direction of socialism that the Democratic left flank so strongly pushes. Will law and order prevail and crime be curbed by stronger law enforcement and judicial policies? Or will knee jerk liberalism cause less enforcement and increased crime?

Chazal tells us Eizehu Chacham? HaRoeh  Es HaNolad. Loosely translated  that means - Who is the wise man? The one who sees the outcome of his actions. I think one needs to look at which candidates will benefit America best. While Democracy should never be sacrificed for some sort of immediate gain, I don’t for a minute think that a Republican sweep will destroy our democracy.  In a democracy citizens choose their leaders freely, If Republicans win it will be because its people will have chosen them. It won’t be because of a military or political coup. 

I for one will be happy to see a Republican victory at the polls tomorrow. Not because I agree with everything they say. I don’t. But because as things stand now, if Democrats win, we are headed for a economic disaster and an unprecedented crime wave. Republicans  have a much better reputation in both areas. Hopefully they will get the chance to prove it.