Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Why Are LGBTQ Rights More Sacred than Religious Rights?

I’m sure they are just a minority, but when Jews start acting like Nazi Germany, I have to question their very Judaism. It doesn’t matter what they look like. They can look like the most pious Charedi Jews or look like secular Jews. When a gang of about 200 ‘protestors’ did what these thugs did there is little else to compare them to. 

Just like Nazi Germany started harassing religious Jews once they came to power, so too did these thugs do to a group of religious Jews on the night of Yom Kippur at Kol Nidrei. VIN and the Jewish Press reported that on the night of Yom Kippur a group of about 200 protesters stormed into a public gathering of Jews during Kol Nidrei and tore down a partition between the men and women.

Why did they do it? Because they wanted to make sure that the law was followed. The Supreme Court thought it was ‘reasonable' to forbid a Mechitza in an area where there is an annual public Kol Nidrei service in Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Square . Which if I understand correctly is done annually by Bayla a group of caring Jews for purposes of making the Kol Nidrei service freely accessible to the public. 

In attempt to circumvent the Court's decision so that a public service could be religiously viable the event organizer tired to substitute Israeli flags in place of the Mechitza. But they were torn down by protesters. Tel Aviv’s left wing mayor, Ron Hulda then declared that he would not allow the character of his city to change and that there is no place for gender segregation and exclusion in the public space.  Religious requirements be damned. thus having given his blessing to what those protesters did.  

This is not about what is legal or illegal. It is about tearing down a symbol of Orthodoxy because of a ruling by an untouchable Supreme Court. who is as responsible for this abomination as are the protestors!

The Mechitza was declared illegal because it violates liberal notions of equality. Which to them has no exception for religious values. Who care that the people attending it wanted it. Who cares if it was just a little space designed for all to come and join. Separation of the sexes was declared unconstitutional and against the law

If there  was  ever an example why the ‘reasonableness’ standard should be struck down, this is it. Why is it  ‘reasonable' to allow a gay pride parade in the holy city of Jerusalem and unresonable to have a Mechitza Kol Nidrei service in Tel Aviv on the holiest night of the year?

When a Court uses a liberal agenda to declare what is and isn't reasonable it becomes the tyranny of the minority over the rights of the electorate majority who chose right wing oarties to govern the land.

When the rights of the minority begins to supersede the rights of the majority, then democracy ceases and dictatorship begins. A  Supreme Court with the sole power to rule based on left wing notions of equality is not a democracy.

It saddens me to see a group fo Jews acting like Nazis even if they are technically right about the law. a law I based on a like minded Supreme Court's ruling

I wan to add that I am disappointed in Yair Lapid who once expressed understanding for Charedi world and simply wanted them to share the burden of Israel's security. I actually agreed with him about that. But what his comments now show that he could not care less about the requirements of religious Jews 

I am with Chief Rabbi David Lau and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on this. Their comments were right on the money.