Friday, April 05, 2024

Hamas, Palestinians, and Waning US Support for Israel

Musab Yousef (screenshot)
There’s nothing like getting the truth straight from the horse’s mouth. 

I am a staunch and unflinching supporter of the state of Israel. As I am of its leaders (…all of them since the founding of the state. Regardless of their politics.)  It is my firm belief that every single one of them had Israel’s best interests at heart – whether they had personal gain from their position of leadership or not. Bottom line for me is I support my people..

So I can understand why some might say that my views on the current situation in Gaza is heavily biased in favor of the Israeli narrative. I plead guilty to that. But at the same time I have no reason to doubt their version of the truth.

I will admit, however, that a far more believable source of the truth would come from someone who did not grow up with my loyalties. Someone that grew up with loyalties to Israel’s enemies - but is at the same time an honest observer of reality. Such an individual should certainly have more credibility than an unabashed supporter of Israel like me.

It is with that in mind that one should listen to a Palestinian that did indeed grow up in the Palestinian culture. There is such a person whose views are not just an opinion but entirely experiential.  

His name is Musab Yousef - the son of the Hamas leader. He appeared on Dr. Phil in a debate with Palestinian protesters (a must see - video below). And he was masterful. He told the truth about Hamas and the Palestinian people from the vantage point of direct knowledge – as would be expected by someone deeply imbedded with Hamas leadership and raised in their culture.

One of the things I have been saying is that I do not feel that much sympathy for the suffering of people that wish us dead. People that see Hamas as their leader. People that excuse – if not outright approve of the  slaughter of over 1200 Jews, burning Jewish babies alive in their cribs; raping, sexually mutilating and beheading Jewish women; and taking over 200 hostages whom they continue to rape and sexually abuse. All while screaming 'God is Great' indicating that all of that is a religious obligation. 

The Hamas charter not only seeks to destroy Israel and slaughter all the Jews living there. That is only the beginning. They seek to do exactly what Hitler wanted to do: The genocide of the entire Jewish ‘race’.  

The vast majority of the Palestinian people in Gaza support this organization and their goals. Am I supposed to have sympathy when Israel targets Hamas operatives hiding  behind Jew hating Palestinians in Gaza that get killed as collateral damage? 

I want to be absolutely clear (and I’ve said it before). I am not in any way saying ‘innocent’ Palestinians should be targeted. But neither do I feel any obligation to feel sympathy for people that want us dead.

I have said more times that I can count - Israel does not deliberately kill innocent civilians. But they do kill guilty Hamas terrorists that hide in heavily populated areas of Gaza.- in plain sight. And their base of operations are found in places like schools and hospitals. And even in UN facilities in Gaza that I’m  quite sure the UN is aware of – and may even promote as a good place from which Hamas can launch their attacks. (Despite UN denials to the contrary.) 

After October 7th there is no difference between Hamas and Palestinians. It isn’t me, a pro Israel Jew saying so. It is Musab Yousef, the son of a Hamas leader saying so. If anyone knows the truth about the Palestinian mindset, it is him. I believe him.

Thank you Dr. .Phil McGraw for your own truth is supporting that narrative against the narrative of the naïve Palestinian/American students that appeared on that show with him.

About the 7 World Central Kitchen workers that were killed in an IDF attack. Anyone who is honest about what happened there knows that Israel would never kill innocent people on purpose. There was an inquiry by an apolitical Israeli commission independent of the government. 

They examined all the elements of that attack and determined that the convoy was targeted in error. It was thought to be filled with active and armed Hamas terrorists. Determined as such by their military/intelligence apparatus. It happened in the dark of night in a hurry in order to prevent what they believed would be some sort of imminent attack against IDF soldiers. Which they sought to prevent.

Equipment on board the aircraft designed to read markings on the convoy that identified who they really were in the dark - failed. But they believed the evidence  - such that it was - to be a clear and present danger to their troops so they acted. And tragedy ensued. I am100% certain that - had they known these were relief workers they would never have fired upon them. 

That may not excuse them. But it certainly explains them. At a time of war, deadly mistakes like this do unfortunately happen. The IDF members that participated in this tragic mistake have been removed from active duty and will have to face disciplinary measures for not following Israeli military protocol.

I don’t know what else Israel can do. They admitted their mistake,  apologized, and will discipline those who made that mistake.

But the ignorant Democrats in congress (who have been strong supporters in the past) are so enraged by what happened that they can’t see straight. They are now advocating the US condition its support on a cease fire - before Israel gets the job done. And the president – who should know better - has actually made that threat directly to the prime minister. To the cheers of the left wing mainstream media who in their own ignorance thinks this is a good idea. But it isn’t. It is a prescription for more genocidal bloodshed against Jews by Hamas in the future.

Thankfully there are some people in congress that are not confused. Speaker Mike Johnson put it very plainly. The President ought not be demanding Israel make concessions that endanger their future. He ought to be supporting our ally Israel and making demands on Hamas, instead. Hamas could stop the carnage in an instant if they so choose. But the President did not make any such demand. Demands are being made solely on Israel. With the genocide of the Jews at stake – as noted by Musab Yousef..

That said, Israel does need American support. Without the arms the US supplies to fight its wars the Hamas determination to wipe Israel off the map and exterminate the Jewish people becomes a serious problem for all the Jewish people.

As long as Democrats rule the nation, they are going to make Israel tremble at their words, it seems.

Not sure what Republicans would do if they ruled the nation. But at least we know who they consider responsible for the deaths of  innocent civilians. And it ain’t Israel. It’s Hamas. And thanks to Musab Yousef we know who supports them.